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Individual photo courses are custom made with you, according to your wishes, and fit your needs. I can move to your home, if you wish so. If you are interrested in a customized course, contact me by phone or email. I would be pleased to answer you to finely tune your program.


  • Understanding how is made your camera
  • Learning the different recording formats of your photos and how to choose the best one according the situation
  • Discovering the preset modes of your camera
  • Understanding what is color temperature

Prerequisites: A digital reflex camera, an empty memory card and full battery charge.

Taking a great shot requires technical skills as well as personal sensitivity. To translate in a photo what you see, it is essential to take a good care of its own compositions.

With a poorly controlled framing you will never translate this moment into a wonderfull picture. In this photography course we will study the rules of composition and framing.

Together, we will do architectural photo exercices. We will learn to include in our compositions a little of human being.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Choose the right lens for the right scene.
  • Find the right position to get the right perspective.
  • Restore the atmosphere of a place.
  • Think about the composition rules.
  • Highlight the perspectives by playing with diagonals.
  • Master the low and high angles by avoiding distortion.
  • Vary the angles and the perspectives.
  • Manage lights and shadows.
  • Manage the colors.
  • Play with water and rain reflections.

In this course, and after you well understand the interest of the "aperture priority" and "shutter priority" modes, you will learn how to master the light

and how to get the perfect exposure in your pictures, even in the worst situations like in half-light or in backlight.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze an histogram.
  • Determine whether or not underexpose or overexpose.
  • Use the exposure corrector.
  • Use the AE lock.
  • Make a good exposure on highlights and lowlights.
  • Manage half-lights.
  • Manage backlights.

In conclusion, you'll be able to use the manual mode of your camera.

In this course, you will learn how to use the speed priority mode. You'll know how the shutter speed works and how it acts in the result.

You'll learn to do the good focus and to choose the right shutter speed to freeze or to show the motion, mainly in sport or landscape photography.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Freeze an action to sharpen the motion (Vehicles, children, sport...)
  • Make a motion blur.
  • Use the right autofocus mode for the image to be sharp.
  • Make a motion effect of the subject.
  • Make a zooming effect.

In conclusion, you'll know how to use the shutter priority mode (often has a symbol of Tv or S)

In this course, you will learn how to handle the aperture priority mode. You will understand the role of your camera's diaphragm, how it acts on the result, and the notion of depth of field.

You will master the blur and sharp edges areas.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Take pictures with a high depth of field to make all outlines sharp (e.g. landscape)
  • Take pictures with a shallow depth of field to get only your subject sharped in the foreground (e.g. portrait)

In conclusion, you'll know how to use the aperture priority mode (often has a symbol of Av or A)

Occasionally, I plan some "photo walks" combining learning of photography and discovery of new places. I guide you, give you advice and teach you my

knowledge. You walk through magic places, looking for the most beautiful picture. Several walks are planned throughout the year.

Prerequisites : To sign up for a photo walk, no need to be an expert but it's good to already have followed a beginner's course. This will ensure you know the basics and you have little knowledge on how to handle your camera.

Each walk is composed of:

  • 45min to configure cameras and remind you the essentials of photography.
  • 2h45 of walk
  • 1h for debriefing with a cup of coffee. We will take a look at the photos on a computer screen.

The walk places are based on your home location, your wishes and the climatic conditions.

Prices : Contact me.

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