Photo report

Events / Reports

It is important that your clients and/or collaborators can remember a successful event. Nothing is better than a photo report to transcribe in an album, the decoration, the atmosphere, the emotions and the key moments of your evening.

Versatile, discreet and smiling, I know how to adapt to all types of events, whether it is a sports competition, a report for shareholders or an inauguration party, so do not hesitate to contact me to present your project.

Just tell me about your company, the stakes and objectives of your event then we can determine the broad outlines and style sought for your photo reportage.

Reports & events

Photos of your property

Choosing a professional photographer to promote your property is to put all the chances on your side to capture the attention of people ready to take the plunge. Beautiful photos make people want to come and visit a flat, a house or book a stay in a holiday cottage or village.

My role is to intervene to sublimate your interiors and exteriors in order to highlight the assets of your home to make it more attractive.

Photos of your establishment

Photos of your establishment

Presenting your premises with attractive images is more than important today thanks to the different communication networks at your disposal. It is your window on the world, the possibility of making people who view your photos want to come and eat or be entertained at your place rather than the neighbour's. It is also a reflection of the quality of your services and a way to enhance your brand image. It is obvious that all companies need to gain visibility, to make themselves known or to grow.

I am here to enhance your business premises, my eye and my skills will highlight the qualities of your place by sublimating its spaces and its environment. I know how to adapt to all light conditions, you just have to trust me.